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Ote Clean


Oté Clean is a safe and effective cleaner for both hard, RGP and soft contact lenses. It is a good alternative to the Lobob range of hard lens cleaners.

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by Greg M.
(image for) 4 star
Date Added: 13/05/2020
I have used Lobob (and then Optimum) with my RGP lenses "for ever", so was reluctant to try something else. However was recommended this by the team, and have used for 3-4 months now. Ote clean is fine, does a good job of the cleaning. It feels a bit thicker than Lobob, works pretty much the same with the rub and rinse method. Lenses feel good when I put them back in next morning.

by Janice F.
(image for) 4 star
Date Added: 19/04/2020
Usually go for the Lobob range of cleaners. Initially preferred the Lobob but after using Ote for a few weeks are happy to keep using the product. Lens are clean and comfortable.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)

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