Online Eye Exam

During a lockdown, you may develop eye issues or symptoms which may be concerning. We can help decide whether an urgent assessment or other treatment is required.

Under Alert Level 4, optometrists are unable to see patients for in-person consultations. However, we can provide an online eye consultation via phone or video.

The result of an online consultation may be that we help facilitate appropriate referral to the Eye Department at Greenlane Hospital if your eye issue becomes urgent. We can also issue a prescription for drops and antibiotics, or as will hopefully be the case, provide reassurance that your eye condition is not urgent.

online eye examination

Our fee for video/phone consultation is $65. Note: This is not a normal eye exam and will not detect all eye-related issues.

Other options for dealing with eye problems during lockdown are to try your GP or calling Health Line.

To help with your online eye exam we may ask you to do some of the following eye tests first.

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Printable vision chart

When assessing any eye problem, the first thing we will want to know is whether your vision is affected or not. You can test your vision using this chart with both eyes open and also each eye individually.

vision chart download

To test your vision at home, download and print the pdf vision chart on A4 paper.

Pin the chart 3 metres away and test each eye individually.

Use your TV or driving glasses if any.

If you are unable to see the bottom line, test again looking through a pinhole (make a pinhole in a piece or paper or card), in many cases looking through a tiny hole will improve your vision.

This vision chart is to be used as part of an online eye consultation. It does not constitute a normal eye examination.

Printable Amsler Grid for Macular assessment

amsler grid download

An Amsler grid test is useful to check that the macular (part of the back of the eye) is functioning normally.

You can download and print this test. You need to do this test using each eye individually.

Online colour vision

vision chart download

Assessing Colour vision can sometimes be helpful in assessing your overall eye health.

As part of an online eye consultation, we may ask you to take the test using both eyes and each eye individually. Go to the colour vision test.

Note: An online eye consultation is not a normal eye examination and will not detect all eye-related issues.

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