MiyoSmart Myopia Control Glasses

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Hoya MiyoSmart is a new type of spectacle lens (lenses for glasses) that is used for myopia control.

MiyoSmart lenses are designed to help to stop short sighted eyes (myopia) from getting worse and are an ideally option for children where there is a risk of myopia (short-sight) getting worse.

How MiyoSmart lenses work

Hoya MiyoSmart Lens

Myopia can increase when ordinary glasses lenses focus light too far back inside the eye, but doing this is necessary for good clear vision. The MiyoSmart lenses allows some of the central light rays to focus right to the back of the eye for clear vision, but small multiple defocus segments allow some of the light rays to focus further forwards inside the eye. This reduces the stimulation for increasing myopia.

How well do MiyoSmart lenses work

MiyoSmart are not effective in every child. But research has shown on average there is a 60% reduction in myopia progression. This is comparable to other methods of myopia control that we use, both orthok and multifocal soft contact lenses.

MiyoSmart Lenses

How to get MiyoSmart lenses

MiyoSmart lenses are best suited to children between the ages of 8 and 18 and where there is a risk of myopia (short-sight) getting worse.

MiyoSmart lenses will fit into most optical frames, an existing frame may be suitable.

If you are interested in finding out if MiyoSmart are suitable please email us, or we can discuss the MiyoSmart option at your next eye examination.

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