Anti-fog Glasses

The fogging of glasses especially while wearing a face mask can be a big problem. There are ways to reduce or eliminate glasses fog.

Contact lenses

By eliminating glasses, obviously the fogging problem is eliminated. Contact lenses now have many options that work well for most types of optical prescription, including astigmatism, and reading glasses.

Ant-fog lens coating

There is a new anti-fog coating that can be permanently built into new glasses. This coating works well to eliminate fogging, unfortunately it cannot be added to existing glasses, it can only be applied to new lenses.

Anti-fog sprays or gels

Anti-fog treatments can be applied to existing glasses. They can work well to reduce lens fogging, but the effect is temporary and so the gel or spray has to be re-applied.

DIY antifog

You can try washing your glasses in soapy water, then let the soapy film dry on the lenses. The creates a water resistant layer on the lens surface to reduce fogging. This anti-fog treatment is temporary so has to be re-applied.

Tape your mask

Using medical/surgical tape, you can tape your mask to your face. The tape should be placed along the top edge of the mask before you put the mask on. Then seal the top of the mask to prevent air flow rising upwards onto the glasses.

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