AO Sept Solution Instructions

These instructions are for use by patients of Highbury Optometrists.
When using AO Sept solution you should always follow instructions from your own Optometrist.

AO Sept contact lens cleaning solution is one of the most effective cleaners available. It is mainly used for soft contact lenses, though we sometimes will recommend it for hard, RGP, or OrthoK contact lenses.

AO Sept solution contains hydrogen peroxide which provides very effective cleaning for your contact lenses. Over a period of 6 hours in the lens case, the hydrogen peroxide is converted to a neutral solution that is then safe for the eyes. It is very important that you always use the contact lens case provided with the AO Sept as the case activates the neutralisation process.

aosept contact lens case

1) Make sure you hands are washed and clean before removing lenses from your eyes, and placing in the AO Sept case. It is very important

2) Fill the empty case up to the line with AO Sept solution, then screw the lid / lens basket into place, the solution level will now rise above the line which is normal.

3) Leave the case now upright for 6 hours for the solution to neutralise. To ensure the neutralisation process works, you need to make sure the case stays upright as oxygen gas is given off through holes in the lid. The case should also be kept at room temperature, if it is very cold the reaction may not work as well.

4) In the morning, or after 6 hours have passed, then it is safe to remove the lenses from the case and insert directly into your eyes. There is no need for any additional rinsing prior to insertion of lenses.

Important AO SEPT tips to remember

AOSept® solution should always be used in the provided lens case with built-in neutraliser.

Never put AOSept® solution directly into the eye.

Never rinse lenses with AOSept® solution prior to putting them in your eye. You can rinse before putting lenses into the case.

Never use AOSept® solution in a flat contact lens case.

Your contact lenses must soak in the provided lens case with AO Sept for at least six hours prior to inserting into the eye.

Always discard the old lens case each month to avoid contamination and ensure proper neutralization.

Never let tap water get near your soft contact lenses.

What to do if you get un-neutralised AO SEPT in your eyes

Don't panic! AO Sept solution will sting and hurt a lot if you get it directly in your eyes. However it is very unlikely to do any lasting damage to your eyes or vision.

Always irrigate/rinse your eyes as much as possible using a sterile solution. Water is not ideal, if possible use sterile saline or a multi-purpose contact lens solution.

Seek advice from your normal optometrist or eye doctor. Don't resume contact lens wear until your eyes have been checked.

Remember that the neutralised AOSept solution that has been in the case for greater than 6 hours will not hurt your eyes.

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