Inserting and removing orthok lenses

Please note: These cleaning instruction are for use by patients of Highbury Optometrists. You should follow the instructions given to you by your own optometrist.

Inserting orthok contact lenses

Before handling your contact lenses, always wash your hands with a plain soap that does not contain moisturiser or fragrance.

Place the contact lens on your index finger of your dominant hand, use your other hand to reach from above and hold your top eye lid.

Use your middle finger of your dominant hand to hold the bottom eye lid. Gently place the lens in the centre of your eye.

The contact lens may take a few moments to settle. Check it is sitting in the correct place in the centre of your eye. If the contact lens is uncomfortable and is not improving, always remove it and try again.

Removing orthok contact lenses

Hold your upper lid using your non-dominant hand. Grip the lens sucker between your thumb and index fingers, you can still hold the bottom eyelid using your middle finger.

Create a gentle suction pressure by squeezing the lens sucker, place the sucker against the contact lens on your eye and release the pressure on the sucker.

The contact lens can now be pulled from the your eye. It helps to wet the end of the lens sucker in solution first.

Contact lens re-centering

It is possible that your orthok contact lens can mislocate on to the white part of your eye.

First use a mirror to locate the contact lens. Then if possible try to use gentle pressure through your lids to move the lens towards the centre of your eye, when it gets close, looking towards the lens can help also.

If this method fails, then remove the contact lens using the lens sucker

Contact lens binding

It is not uncommon to find that your contact lens might appear to be stuck to your eyeball on waking in the morning.

If this occurs, you first need to un-bind the contact lens before attempting to remove it. Try using a finger pressed against the lower lid, push up slightly and in slightly towards your eyeball.

If the contact lens remains bound, then try adding a drops of lubricant and repeat the above manipulation using your lower lid.

If your eyes become, RED, SORE, and BLURRY, remove your contact lenses and contact us.

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