Looking after your glasses

Thanks for purchasing new glasses from Highbury Optometrists. Proper care of your frames and lenses will ensure clear and comfortable vision and prolong the life of your glasses.

Cleaning the lenses

The best method to clean spectacle lenses is to spray the lenses using optical lens spray and then wipe dry using a microfibre cloth. If the lenses are just smeared wiping with a microfibre cloth on its own is ok.

Handling your frames

Always remember to take glasses on and off using two hands, this helps to minimise stress on the arm joints. Try and avoid placing glasses on your head or in your hair when not worn.

Things to avoid

Most lenses do not not like heat, so avoid storing them anywhere hot, such as a hot car and avoid using hot water to wash them. Avoid solvents, chemicals and household cleaners. Try not to squeeze the lens or push really hard while wiping with a dry microfibre cloth.

Come and see us for adjustments

From time to time your glasses may need tightening or re-aligning. There is no cost for adjustments or tightening for the life of any frames purchased from us.

Ultrasound cleaning

Sometimes glasses need a deep clean to remove built up grime. We are happy to provide an ultrasound deep cleaning process for your glasses free of charge every six months.

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