Dry Eye - Treatments

1. Lubricating Eye Drops

The loss of water from tear film in dry eye makes the tears more salty than normal.

Eye drops such as Theratears and Bion Tears are designed to help put back the lost water, lowering the high salt concentration, so that they not only wet but also rehydrate dry eyes.

Some eye drops are of a thicker gel, such as Theratears Liquigel which help to provide a more sustained lubricating effect overnight.

Preservative free drops are best for regular use.

2. Hot Compress

Applying heat to the closed eyelid helps to stimulate oil production from the oil glands. Improving the lipid (oil) layer in the tears helps prevent evaporaton of the tears. You simply apply a hot face cloth to the closed eyes for 30-60 seconds. A microwaveable wheat pack is also a great way to apply heat to the eyelids.

3. Lid Cleansers

Specially designed lid shampoo such as Blephadex help to clear and unblock the openings of the oil glands in the lid.

Clear oil glands are important to maintain a good healthy oil layer which protect the tears from evaporation.

4. Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements

Taking an Omega-3 Fish oil supplement has been shown to improve the quality and outflow from the oil glands in the eyelids, this in turn improves the quality of the tear film and reduces tear evaporation.

5. Blephasteam Heat Therapy

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