Lens technology

Single vision lenses

Used for reading or distance corrections. The prescription is the same across the whole lens area. The optical quality of a single vision lens can be improved by asking for an 'aspheric design', also the lens can be enhanced by anti-reflective lens treatments or tints.

Bifocal lenses

Bifocal lenses provide two prescriptions in the one lens, this allows you to see both reading and distance through the one pair of glasses. The two halves of the lens are separated by a dividing line.

Progressive lenses

Like the bifocal, progressive lenses provide both reading and distance vision in the one lens. Unlike the bifocal there is no visible dividing line as the reading and distance parts of the lens are blended together in a smooth transition. The advantage of this is that the blended mid-zone of the lens provides an intermediate focus which is ideal for computer use. There are different sorts of progressive lenses to chose from depending on your occupation, hobbies and the specific visual tasks that you require them for. The Optometrist will help you choose the most suitable one for you. Modern progressives are more compact and can fit into much smaller frames than in the past.

Thinner and lighter lens materials

Higher grade lens materials can be used to greatly reduce the thickness and weight of your prescription. Using these materials will significantly enhance the appearance of your glasses especially if you have a high prescription. Using our computer we can calculate the difference between the standard and high grade material and show you a 3D picture of what your finished lenses will look like.

Anti-reflection lens treatment

This treatment reduces annoying reflections from the surface of the lenses. It allows more light through a lens so you will see more clearly and your glasses will look much better as well. It is particularly useful for reducing glare from computer screens and car headlights at night.

Photochromic lens treatment

Photochromic lenses darken and lighten in colour depending on the amount of sunlight. This means they are clear indoors but will turn into sunglasses when you are outside.

Prescription sunglasses

There are many options for prescription sunglass lenses. Lenses can be tinted almost any colour and darkness you like. There are also polarised prescription lenses which help to reduce reflected glare from roads, water and snow.

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