Payment plans

Debit Success

With Debit Success you can collect your glasses or contact lenses and pay them off over a period or 3 - 12 months. A $15 application fee and $2 transaction fee will apply. All payments and collection of payments are managed by Debit Success.

Contact lens payment plans

We offer monthly payment plans for all types of soft disposable contacts. Depending on the lens type monthly fees range from as little as $49 per month.

Why go on monthly contact lens payment plan?

  • Low monthly payments makes it easy to manage the cost of contact lenses
  • All annual eye examinations and checks ups are included
  • Includes contact lenses at a discounted rate
  • Lens cleaner solutions are included
  • Purchase sunglasses and optical glasses at a discounted rate

If you are a new or an existing wearer you can still join a monthly plan. Please contact us for more information.

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