Eye examinations - what do we do?

What do we do?

eye letter chart icon Glasses prescription: The first part of the eye exam is to determine how good your vision is and what prescription glasses you will need (if any).
glaucoma pressure icon Glaucoma testing: We use a hand held "air puff" tonometer to measure the pressure inside the eye. This test is painless, requires no eye drops, and nothing has to touch your eye. In glaucoma, the eye pressure is usually elevated.
retinal photo camera icon Digital Retinal Photographs: As part of the normal eye exam we will take photographs of the inside of your eye. This helps us to check in more detail for eye disease and we can store the images so we can refer to them next time you come.
anterior segment photo camera icon Anterior Segment Photographs: We can take photographs of the front and outer parts of the eye under extremely high magnification. Capturing images of lesions such as freckles, moles and scars helps us to make comparisons in the future to tell if these lesions are changing.
contact lenses icon Contact Lenses: We fit all types of contact lenses from RGP (hard lenses) to daily disposables. If you are interested in contact lenses, you may need to come back for a contact lens fitting appointment, particularly if you have not worn contact lenses before.
oct optical coherence tomography OCT Optical coherence tomography: The OCT users a scanner laser to produce cross-sectional views of structures within the eye. It is most useful for detecting and monitoring glaucoma and macular degeneration.
highbury optometrists icon Peripheral vision testing: Checks your side vision. This is important for driving and helps in the detection of eye disease such as glaucoma.
colour vision icon Colour vision testing: One in twelve males are colour blind and one in two hundred females. Initially we carry out a basic colour screening test. A more intensive colour vision test can be carried out when required.
biocular vision icon Binocular vision testing: Checks to see how well the eyes coordinate together.
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