Disposable lenses

Discomfort used to put many people off wearing contact lenses. However modern disposable contact lens materials are much softer and more comfortable. Disposable lenses can be made thinner than conventional lenses which improves comfort and there are some types that resist drying. So even if you have had problems with contact lenses in the past it may be worth trying them again.

We will help select the type of lens that is right for you. Most disposable contacts are replaced monthly or 2 weekly and require cleaning at night.

Daily disposable lenses are ideal for many wearers. There's no cleaning involved - just wear them once then throw them away! They're perfect whether you want to wear them every day, weekends only, for sport or for the occasional evening out. They are also a good option in those that suffer from allergies and hay fever.

Daily disposables are now also available in colour. There are four colours available, blue, green, hazel and grey. There's no cleaning required so they are an easy healthy option for occasional wear. The colours are natural looking and work on dark coloured eyes.

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