Keratoconus is a disease that results in a thinning of the cornea. This thinner cornea can distort which produces high levels of irregular astigmatism that can be difficult to correct with glasses. Sometimes vision will need to be corrected using a gas permeable contact lens.


Keratoconus usually starts during teenage years and gradually worsens. It is thought there is a link with asthma and hayfever. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of Keratoconus in the world.

At Highbury Optometrists, we use a digital corneal topographer to assess the exact shape of the cornea. This allows to accurately fit the correct shape contact lens. It also allows us to check if the Keratoconus condition is worsening by monitoring change in the corneal thinning and shape of time.

We specialise in the fitting of Keratoconus with gas permeable semi-sceral contact lenses. In many cases the cost of these contact lenses may be covered by a health board subsidy. There are now also some new laser surgical procedures which can help to correct and slow down Keratoconus. We can advise whether these procedures may be suitable and refer you to the appropriate surgeon.

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