Long sight (hyperopia)

A hyperopic eye has not grown to its normal size, which affects the normal focusing of the eye. This smaller eye requires a lot more focusing effort in order to keep objects in clear focus.


If you have hyperopia, you may be able to see things clearly but the extra focusing effort may cause headaches and eyestrain. Hyperopia usually causes most problems with reading vision, although distance vision may also be affected if the hyperopia is more severe.

If you have hyperopia you may notice:

- Poor vision unless you make an effort to see
- Vision is blurred when looking up from close work
- Concentration and comprehension are difficult when doing intense visual work such as reading
- Frequent eyestrain symptoms
- Headaches
- Double vision from time to time.

Glasses and contact lenses may be required to relieve the symptoms of hyperopia. They may not be required all the time but generally as you get older you will need to use them more often.

For more information download the hyperopia brochure. pdf icon
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