Short sight (myopia)

If you are short-sighted you may see well at a short distance but your long distance vision will be blurred.


A myopic eye is one that has grown larger than normal. This throws out the normal optics of the eye and creates blurred distance vision. If the eye continues to grow, the degree of myopia will increase. This is why myopia seems to worsen during early childhood and teenage years as the eye is continuing to grow.

Glasses will correct focusing problems caused by myopia and allow you to see more clearly. Contact lenses and orthoK are also available to correct myopia. Some research suggests OrthoK may be useful in controlling the progression of myopia.

High degrees of myopia (greater that -6.00) are associated with increased risk of retinal detachments, and in older age, with certain types of glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal degeneration.

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