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Eye examination
Whats an Eye Examination about?
Find out what different tests and technology we use in an eye examination and why....find out more.
Transition self tinting lenses
Transition, self tinting, or photochromic lenses all darken in sunlight. There are now many different new more
Why does my short sight keep getting worse?
Why does my short sight keep getting worse?
Rates of short sight around the world are rising to epidemic proportions. Recent research proposes some new theories on why that might be the more
NEW Air Optix Colours
New coloured contact lenses available from Alcon. Virtual try on-online available, take photos and see what you look like with new coloured for more
optometrist oct scan
Latest technology in eyecare
New OCT scans help to detect and monitor glaucoma and macular more
Julbo Sunglasses
Julbo Sunglasses from France
Julbo sports sunglasses offer sun protection for kids, adults and even have a great range of baby online

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