cAir Toric

cAir Toric


Thanks to CooperVision's unique Aquaform technology, Avaira Toric two-week contact lens have an innate ability to attract and retain moisture within the lens material itself - without the need for additional surface treatments or chemical wetting agents.

Lens material is UV blocking. Please note, UV blocking is not a substitute for sunglasses.

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Base curve (BC) Diameter (Diam) Sphere Power Cyl Power Cyl Axis Quantity
Right 8.5
Left 8.5
Set a quantity to zero if you only require one eye.

Total boxes:

Base curve: 8.5
  • Manufactured by: Cooper Vision
  • Material: enfilcon A / 46%
    Diameter: 14.5 Packaging: 6 lenses per box Availability: 4-5 days

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