Yodai A133

Yodai A133


Compact yet full of clever features including distortion free vision with unrestricted peripheral and lateral vision. The anti-fog ventilation system features twin lenses allowing air to circulate in-between, which keeps the 100%UV lenses fog free and enhances vision. Comfort is aided by soft foam padding, and the goggles are helmet compatible.
Can be converted to optical prescription using performance inserts A751 or A768.


  • Manufactured by: Adidas

Please Choose:

6067 silver metal

6100 black matt

6114 cyber yellow, LST trail gold (antifog)

6119 spicy red, LST trail silver (antifog)

6120 copper, LST trail gold (antifog)

6121 aqua metallic, LST trail silver (antifog)

6122 matt brown, orange (antifog)

6211 white metal/gold, LST trail gold (antifog)

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