Transitions tinting

Transitions lenses are also known as photochromic lenses, or self tinting lenses. They lighten or darken in response to sunlight.

All Transition lenses are fully UV protective. Transition tints can be applied to all lens types including bifocals and progressive lenses.

There are several different types of tint, the best for you will depend on your individual glasses requirements.

Check out the Transitions website for more information.

Standard rapid change

Suitable for all light conditions, they are very clear indoors and at night and very dark in direct sunlight. Available in grey or brown.

transition lenses
Vantage polarised

An all purpose self tinting lenses with polarising to further reduce glare.

transition lenses
Extra dark

These lenses are not quite as clear indoors but give a much darker reaction in the sun and when driving.

transition lenses
Green rayban

Clear like the standard transitions but a dark green colour in sunlight, similar to the Rayban sunglasses.

transition lenses
Drivewear polarised

Drivewear is a versatile sunglass lens, changing from a medium dark to very dark tint depending on conditions. It also has a polarising filter for added glare reduction.

transition lenses
Varia yellow NXT

Ideal for multi-purpose sunglasses this lens changes from light yellow in low light and dusk conditions to dark grey in the sun. Great for golf sunglasses or cycling sunglasses.

transition lenses
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